About us

Digital-Strategy was founded by a team of successful entrepreneurs
and top level consultants in 2003. We are a passionate international team which is distributed across Europe, Asia and the US. We are active worldwide and one of our strength is the successful cooperation and strong partnerships built over decades with technology leaders in different domains. 

Our unique expertise enables us to remain at the forefront of innovation and change and allow us to help our customers find their way in markets disrupted by new technologies and new consumer behaviours.

The extensive international trusted network we have built over the years is a key growth element for business expansion. 

Our customers are major media groups, telecom operators, technology leaders, consumer electronics manufacturers, industry associations and governments.


What we do


Digital-Strategy helps companies to investigate and evaluate new products and services, market diversification, business development strategies, merger & acquisition and investments opportunities with a deep understanding of technology disruptions and related impact on users or customers.

Digital-Strategy developed a thought leadership in digital media with speaking engagements at various conferences.

Our services include:

  • strategic and technological consultancy

  • Business Development Services for implementing and coordinating new business or business expansion into new territories or for entering into new sectors. With creative mindset we support the existing teams to reach new targets, new products or services offerings and increased market opportunities

  • High-level sales support and coordination on strategic multi-national businesses 

  • Project Leadership for products developed in collaboration between multiple R&D teams from different technology vendors

  • Cross-borders M&A support services

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